Logo for Lucky Races. It looks like an L and and R that are both made of sections of black road with white lane lines. Its orange and looks like sunset.

Original Racer Mint Key Redemption

Original Racer Mint Keys are ERC-1155 tokens that you can redeem for an Original Racer ERC-721 on the Etherum Blockchain.

Choose a Blockchain to redeem your Keys.

Please change to a valid network to redeem your to redeem your Original Racer Key and mint your ERC-721 NFT: Ethereum Mainnet,Polygon Mainnet,Avalanche C-Chain,Fantom Mainnet,Optimism Mainnet,Arbitrum Mainnet

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How does Key Redemption work?
  1. Key Redemption Opens - Around March 15th, 2022.

    Key Redemption is an ongoing process. It happens in batches - when you choose to redeem your Key, we place you in the next group of Original Racers that will be minted. A transaction marks your Key as "ready-to-mint" in the next batch.

  2. Purchase an Original Racer Key.

    If you don't have an Original Racer Key, you can purchase one on our Key Sale page if there are any left, or on secondary markets like OpenSea if we've sold out.

  3. Redeem your Original Racer Key.

    On this page, you can perform a transaction that marks your Key as "ready-to-mint" in the next batch.

  4. Receive your new Original Racer NFT

    When you redeem your Original Racer Key, we send you an ERC-721 Original Racer NFT on the Ethereum blockchain, and burn your ERC-1155 mint key. During this time, you'll see placeholder art.

  5. See your Original Racer

    After the batch is processed, we'll update the metadata for the new racers. At this time, you'll see the final art for your Original Racer.

  6. Hooray!

    Enjoy your Original Racer and get ready for all the fun experiences we have coming up!

How much does Redemption cost?
  • Redemption only costs gas - there is no additional fee from Lucky Races to redeem your Original Racer ERC-1155 Mint Key.

When will I get my Original Racer?
  1. Once the minting for the current batch is complete, we will prepare images and videos for each new Original Racer.

  2. When all of the files are ready, we'll start serving different metadata, so you'll see what your Original Racer looks like then. In the meantime, you may see placeholder art.

Where is my ERC-1155 Racer Key?
  • We burn your ERC-1155 Racer Key after we mint it during the batch process.

  • We'll send you your ERC-721 Original Racer at that time after its assets are created.